Code War

Here is the structure of the competition.

Phase I: THE KICK START The first round shall be an MCQ round . You can answer the questions in any of your preferred languages. (Please do not include HTML/CSS. They are templating language not programming.). It shall act as the qualifier round and the students qualifying shall proceed for the following phases.

Phase II: SEARCH FOR THE BUG MINER This is the debugging round again based on your preferred language. You get goodies if you can fair well in this phase and add up some points for the following rounds. And let the cherry on the cake be that there won't be any elimination from this round.

Phase III: THE ONEROUS CODE This is the phase where you need to solve two questions given to you in any of the languages you prefer. This shall be the final round which will decide the winner of the CODE WAR 2017.

N.B: The members of the AEC Coding Club can participate in this competition without any registration fees. The competition shall be held under the Udbhavanam 5.0. .

For further details contact
Rajat Kanti Bhattacharjee
Contact no. : 8399972724
Email id:

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