Image-E-Nation, powered by Vidyamandir Classes(, Sabbir Ahmed,9864268547) is an open ongoing Photography cum Selfie Competition held during PYROKINESIS 2k17. Photography is more than a creative art; it is a medium for factual communication of ideas. Being an open Photography Competition, all people from pros to amateurs can join this event and enjoy the fun of Photography. Also selfie is one of the latest trends among youths and it has become a huge part of modern society. In the past years, we had this event and got huge response from the peoples. This year however, we plan to go all out and invite CUPID DREAMS as judge of the event. CUPID DREAMS is a renowned photography team specialized in product and event photography. We are also going to design a photo booth at the Pyrokinesis Field which is going to be a centre of attraction of PYROKINESIS 2K17. Thus, we expect an even larger participation for photography all over and an even bigger participation for selfie.

For further details contact
Iqbal Hussain Mazumder
Contact no. : 9401825115
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